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Endless Mind

Endless Mind

Ranked 1230 out of 21961
About Me
hi there, thanks for reading my profile Smile 2, im open for evrypony and i like to meet new people. feel free to send me a message, roleplaying is fine with me Smile 2

oc information:

Endless is a pony who's live has been ruined by bullies. his live doesnt mean much for himself, but he will do everything to help ponies. he is part of the Lunar Republic at an pretty high rank and that allows him to do what he likes even more.

with his magic he can spawn objects, but he cant cast spells such as teleporting.
he is a kind and nice, tough pony that never wants to hurt others without reason. if its for a mission, he will do it as a duty.
Endless Mind
Endless Mind
Endless Mind
the best thing to mess this up is using one finger, this is the result:
u0 gind tiy ate e68ji

told you thats the best way to mess it up....
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